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A successful investment strategy takes each investor’s financial objectives, personal values, and risk tolerance into consideration.

We will build an investment strategy individually tailored to you by:

  • Designing a portfolio allocation that incorporates all investable assets, including qualified retirement vehicles, after-tax accounts, and other property.

  • Taking risk-adjusted returns, potential tax implications, and tax-advantaged options into consideration.

  • Reviewing your portfolio each quarter through customized monitoring reports made available to you.

  • Recommending appropriate adjustments to your investments in response to such factors as fund performance, market behavior, and changes to your needs, values, or preferences.

Investment advice
Financial planning

Income Planning

Spending patterns can shift through your career, during your transition into retirement, and throughout your retirement years.


To help you meet your ever-changing income needs, we will first model your current and future expenses. We will then develop a strategy for efficiently drawing upon the assets at your disposal, including:

  • Salaries, self-employment earnings, and deferred compensation

  • Pensions, 401ks, and other retirement benefits

  • Social Security benefits, including spousal and survivor benefits
  • Nonprofit and government savings plans (403b, TRS, ERS)

  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), including Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE plans

  • After-tax investments

  • Rental properties and real estate holdings

  • Limited and master partnership interests

  • Inherited assets

Gift & estate planning

In addition to supporting your lifestyle, financial planning can incorporate strategies for supporting the people, charities, and organizations that matter most to you.

We will help you develop a comprehensive plan for transferring wealth both during and after your lifetime by:


  • ​Reviewing options for charitable giving, whether through direct contributions, donor-advised funds, or qualified charitable distributions.

  • Identifying tax-advantaged options for making gifts to family and friends, including education funding.

  • Monitoring beneficiaries on retirement accounts and other contracts.

  • Working with estate attorneys to ensure that your wishes are met in the event of your incapacity or death.

Financial advisor
Risk management

Risk Management

An effective financial plan must incorporate protection from the unexpected, and from potentially severe losses.


We will help you identify and comfortably manage the financial risks that you face today and that you may face tomorrow. Topics we regularly address include:

  • Life Insurance

    • We will quantify life insurance needs before and during retirement, and review cost-effective options for providing coverage.

  • Health Insurance and Medicare

    • We will review employer-provided benefits along with Medicare’s coverage options and enrollment requirements, and will budget for healthcare costs.

  • Long-Term Care (LTC)

    • We will discuss strategies for securing long-term care—including in-home services, continuing care facilities, and LTC insurance—and will factor LTC costs into your retirement plan. 


We offer our fee-only, fiduciary services through three compensation models:

Hourly Engagement


Focused financial advice regarding your investments
or financial plan

Annual Retainer


Ongoing financial planning services and/or investment analysis 

Assets Under Management

Portfolio management paired with comprehensive financial planning

For more information about our fees and services,
please download our handout or contact us.

All initial consultation meetings are free of charge. 

Our Fees
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